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Circumcision? According To Story, Broncos Must Take Next Step With ‘Tebow Package’

In the story in The Denver Post under the headline, “Broncos’ “Tebow package” must take next step,” writer Lindsay H. Jones asks the pertinent question: ” But how long can the Tebow package exist as we saw it Sunday? Not very, most likely.”

That question certainly has an ominous tone about it, insofar as Tebow’s man bits are concerned, wouldn’t you say? Obviously, the Broncos are determined to do something drastic with Tebow’s package. Exactly what, who can say?

Although, in light of Tebow’s proclivity for circumcising Filipino boys, my guess is a little bit of one-foreskinship is definitely in order. Let’s see how Tebow likes it when the scalpel is in the other hand, so to speak.

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