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Hearing The Auto-Tuned ‘Duke Basketball Rap’ Will Cause You To Hate Humanity

Sweet merciful crap. Kill me now. After making it through about 45 seconds of this abomination, “Duke Basketball Rap 2011,” I have little hope nor do I care about the continuing survival of the human race. I admit to using a bit of hyperbole to get my point across, it’s just that this video is that freaking awful and rage-inducing. Allow me to briefly and succinctly summarize what’s going on here:

Raps About Duke Basketball + Auto-Tune + Aspiring Rapper Blake Campbell (who doesn’t even go to Duke – he attends Furman) = FAIL

And so it goes. Another year of college basketball, another reason to hate the Duke Blue Devils. I will never understand why Duke fans insist on providing so much ammunition to the legions of Duke haters. It’s almost like they subsist solely on their own self-created Haterade. It truly boggles the mind.  Thanks, Blake Campbell, for your douchetastic testament to all that is maddening and irritating about the Dukies.

[H/T The Dagger]