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Hardly Seems Fair: College Hockey Player Charged With Murder Suspended From Team

Jeez, if it isn’t hard enough to be a college athlete these days that when one gets mixed up in a murder case, his team drops him like a bad habit. Rotten deal, man.

Still, that is exactly what happened to 23-year-old Jared Britton, who became one of ten players suspended from the University of Wisconsin-Stout’s hockey team after it was announced by the incredibly stern, iron-fisted chancellor of the university, Charles Sorensen. Britton and another player on the team, Jedidiah McGlasson, 21, have been charged with assault and party to the crime of felony murder in relation to the beating death of Bradley Simon at a bar on September 18th. Simon allegedly involved in an altercation with Britton and McGlasson at a bar in Menonomie, Wisconsin. During the altercation, Simon hit his head and died days later.

A taciturn Chancellor Sorensen meted out the suspensions on Wednesday, stating that the students’ actions were in direct violation of the Student-Athlete Code of Conduct (via The Vancouver Sun):

“It contains specific guidelines for behaviour, both on and off the field, including actions while engaging in high risk alcohol use,” Sorensen said on the school’s website.

Hello, Chancellor Sorensen? I hate to break it to him and I apologize for dropping a bunch of Latin legal mumbo jumbo on you readers, but there are laws in this country which protect a person’s rights when charged with a crime: it’s called carpe diem, folks. Wait. Or is it caveat emptor? Whichever it is, this Sorensen guy doesn’t appear to understand these highfalutin concepts.

(note: before anyone gets all up in arms, it’s called satire people. While certainly not a humorous situation, I simply find it absolutely absurd that a university feels compelled to take a somewhat defensive stance when explaining why it has suspended a couple of goons who may have played a significant role in another person’s death. Should that really be necessary?)

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