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Dedicated Sports Journalist Ines Sainz Has Officially Turned Down Playboy

By now you have probably read about how Ines Sainz, despite being painted unfairly as a tart in a floozy’s clothing, has elected to not run away in shame (as she cannot technically run in the jeans she’s frequently squeezed her body into) and will continue to cover sports in her own unique style – although she does not plan on going back into any locker rooms. And while she has been criticized for her choice in attire, Sainz nevertheless believes that her clothing does not cause her to be  “any less dedicated to the sports journalism world.” Indeed.

Well, at least we can say that the gal is consistent in her career choices, given she has now officially rejected an offer from Playboy to appear in the magazine. While Sainz did informally reject Playboy‘s offer two weeks ago via her Twitter account, this was the first time she made public comments to the press regarding it (via FOX Sports):

Sainz told reporters during a press conference that she had read several rumors regarding Playboy’s interest, but a week passed before an agent from the popular pin-up actually reached out to her.

“No thank you,” Sainz said to the magazine’s representative. “That’s not my style.”

I’m telling you, as a staunch advocate for the tenets of contemporary feminist ideology and all its associated causes, I would just like to go on record here as stating that Ines Sainz is one courageous broad. She’s like a regular Erin Brockovich or something, that chick.

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