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Crikey! Aussies Close Out Commonwealth Games By Throwing Washer Off Balcony

Stealing a page from the 1998 U.S. Olympic hockey team’s playbook regarding how to properly close out a global athletic event with a rousing spate of Led Zeppelin-esque hotel vandalism (sans mud shark shenanigans, hopefully), members of the Australian contingent to the Commonwealth Games in India did a little hotel trashing of their own which culminated in a washing machine being thrown off an eighth story balcony. According to reports the Australians were angry, destructive little buggers due to the outcome of a cricket match. Sticky wicket, indeed.

Perry Crosswhite, Australia’s chef de mission, while taking a break from preparing a bechamel sauce, evidently (I don’t speak French), confirmed that the alleged incident did occur but claims that athletes from other nations were in the hotel tower at the same time and may have been the responsible parties.

Via The Guardian:

“We don’t know who did that,” Crosswhite said today. “Delhi police came around and they’ve done a report and an investigation and we’ll hear about that.”

Fair enough. Other reports coming out of the brouhaha indicate that housekeeping staff at the hotel reported that the Aussies were also participating in racist chants directed at an Indian cricket player, so at least they did not limit themselves to only property damage when wearing out their welcome and treating their hosts like crap.

But Crosswhite nevertheless maintained a laissez faire attitude (hey, maybe I do speak French!) regarding the alleged shameful behavior by his country’s athletes, insisting that after all, hooligans will be hooligans:

“At the end of the Games these things happen,” he said. “When everybody is finished, they are letting their hair down, they do all sorts of things. We just sort of manage it and get on with it.”

Can’t argue with that bit of logic. Now who’s going to help me dump this refrigerator off the roof? Crap like this requires teamwork, people. Don’t let them Aussies show us up here.

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