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Why Not Sell Gold To A Keith Hernandez-Pimped Operation? He’s Keith Hernandez!

When he’s not falling asleep during broadcasts of Mets games, baseball legend Keith Hernandez has parlayed his excellent baseball career into a nice little niche as celebrity spokesman. Obviously, ten-year-old Just for Men commercials have clearly rocketed Hernandez’s endorsement prowess straight into the marketing stratosphere, as evidenced by his appearance in the above “Sell Your Gold to These Guys” pimping for Coin Galleries of Oyster Bay. Brilliant stuff.

Now, if I only had some gold to pawn…I regrettably melted all of my gold down in order to create a replica of Narsil, the mystical sword of King Elendil of DĂșnedain. Of course, the sword was later reforged and named AndĂșril, but as far as Tolkien is concerned, I am a bit of a staunch traditionalist, much like Keith Hernandez has always been regarding his mustache.

[H/T 7th Inning Stache]