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Video: Laker Girl Ashley Takes A Licking And Keeps On Ticking…Eventually…

Ever since Paula Abdul revolutionized the concept of all that a Laker Girl can be way back like 40 years ago, the Laker Girls as a whole have widely been considered some of the toughest, most resilient gals ever to shake their booties on the hardwood.  And that long tradition continues to this day, as evidenced in the video that follows which shows the beating Ashley, a member of the 2011 troupe of Laker Girls, took when Lakers guard/forward Matt Barnes and Kings forward Carl Landry get in a scrum for a loose ball which continues over the baseline and right smack into poor little Ashley.

Via Ball Don’t Lie:

Ouch. That’s gonna leave a mark or something.

Fortunately, reports later indicated that while a little shook up, Ashley regained her composure and before too much time had passed, was back cheering on her Lakers squad. That’s an awfully impressive display of sexy toughness and arousing tenacity, kids.

[H/T Ball Don’t Lie]