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The Accolades Keep Pouring In For Jenn Brown, Named To High School’s Hall Of Fame

There are many instances and accolades that illustrate when a person’s hard work has finally paid off and their time to shine in the spotlight has ultimately arrived: the first time TMZ stalks a person outside of a dry cleaner, a horribly-executed Saturday Night Live parody and a cover story in People. While those are all very nice and good and all, they all pale in comparison to the best compliment a person can be given as a reward for their life’s efforts: being named to their high school’s hall of fame. And today, ESPN’s lovely and talented Jenn Brown has experienced that thrill.

On October 14th, Brown will be one of four individuals (including Minnesota Twins backup catcher Drew Butera – whee!) who will be inducted into the Hornets Hall of Fame at Bishop Moore Catholic High School in Orlando, Florida. While attending Bishop Moore, Brown, an incredibly accomplished athlete, competed in cross country, volleyball, diving, bowling, basketball, softball and track and holds the school record for most varsity letters by any student with 14. Wait. Bowling? What the fungus?

Via ESPN Media Zone:

“I’m so thankful to Bishop Moore High School and all of my coaches and teammates,” Brown said. “They understood my dream of breaking this record (most letters in school history) and helped paved the way in my becoming who I am today. If not for them it wouldn’t have been possible. And of course I want to thank my mom, who taught me to always go after my dreams. I congratulate my fellow inductees and I wish I could be there. Obviously I have a commitment to my work on ESPN’s weekly Thursday series, but I will be there in spirit.

“To the students of Bishop Moore, I’d like to say this: I wish someone had sat me down when I was in high school and told me to really enjoy the special moments as they happen. You get busy with the day-to-day activities, playing sports, going to school, getting ready for college – and you start focusing on tomorrow and you stop appreciating today. You will find as you get older life starts to fly by, and it’s not until a moment has passed that you look back and realize how special it really was. So be sure to appreciate all that you have today … because those moments will be gone before you know it.”

True words have never been spoken. After being written by a publicist. But I digress.

Of course, Brown went on to attend the University of Florida, and the rest, as they say, is hottie sideline reporter history. Now, Brown has been ESPN’s Next Big (Blond) Thing for some time now (personally, I have always been partial to Michelle Beadle, but let us not split hairs here) which leads me to wonder if ESPN would have bothered issuing a press release if one of their less photogenic personalities or less of an up-and-comer in the ESPN Universe had received similar recognition for their contributions during their youth. For instance, I don’t seem to recall a press release being issued when The Schwab was lauded for his gastrointestinal greatness when he was inducted into the Baldwin of Fame in his hometown of Baldwin, New York for eating the Ole 96er (including gristle and fat) not one, not twice, but three times. Stump the Schwab with steak? I think not.

Nevertheless, it appears to be business as usual over at tWWL. Enough with the bullcrap politics. Give The Schwab his due!

And now, commence ogling.

ESPN’s Jenn Brown Named to Bishop Moore Catholic High School Hall of Fame in Orlando, Fla. [ESPN Media Zone]