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Philly’s Homeless Can Now Feel Like One Of The Flyers While Urinating In Bus Shelters

Would you look at that? I bet it almost feels like you’re practically right on the bench among your favorite Flyers players while your standing in a grimy, filthy bus shelter waiting for the bus to take you to your meaningless, dead-end job.

Boy, that’s an awfully negative way to look at these new Versus ads that have been popping up not only in Philly, but according to The700Level, in Chicago, Boston and Minneapolis as well. But I calls ’em like I sees ’em. And speaking of negative, let’s hope the Flyers get off to a good start this season. Otherwise, there’s no telling what kind of vile graffiti those degenerate Philly fans are likely to use to deface these presently nifty little advertisements.

Awesome Flyers Bus Shelters for Versus-NHL Ad Campaign [The700Level]