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Headline: Sporting News Discusses The Units Of Players On MLB Playoff Teams

At least that’s who I read it. Obviously, not wanting to know anything about Chase Utley’s unit prevented me from reading on to see if my understanding of the story’s theme and content was even accurate.

Even if it is not, it’s kind of sad that in these crazy times, we have become so inundated with stories about athlete dong that the first thing that comes to our minds when we see the word “unit” in a headline, we automatically assume it has to be in reference to athlete penis.

What? Just me? No, I’m a happily married man, why would you even attempt to imply that? Hey, I’m not the person who clicked on the link to a post about a story about the units of players on MLB playoff teams. That was you. Hey, don’t shoot the messenger, pervert.

Unit rankings: How baseball’s final four teams compare [Sporting News]