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Coaching Foibles Aside, Wade Phillips Seems To Have Self-Deprecating Humor Down Pat

With the Cowboys’ season quickly slipping away as the 1-3 team prepares for a showdown with the equally desperate Vikings on Sunday, perhaps choosing a session with the Dallas media yesterday as the perfect opportunity to test out his comedic chops was not the best idea. Sadly, while his impulsive decision to break out new material may not provide a ringing endorsement to Wade Phillips’ sense of timing – a must for any aspiring comedian – you cannot argue that he has some mad skills as it pertains to the tricky business of self-deprecation-based comedy.

While discussing Dallas’ trio of rookie safeties: Barry Church, Danny McCray and Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, Phillips improvised and broke out this little nugget of witticism. Via The Dallas Morning News:

“We’ve got a lot of good players,” Phillips said. “If we had any coaching at all we’d be in good shape.”

(insert sad trombone here)

But seriously folks, it’s funny because it’s true. Maybe Phillips does have a future in stand-up once his coaching career is finished. Even better, if the Cowboys somehow lose to the Vikings this weekend, Phillips just might be able to test out the genre of prop comedy after extracting Jerry Jones’ boot from his ass.

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