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Brock Lesnar’s New Beard Causes Him To Resemble A Young Uncle Jesse

And no, I am not referring to Jon Stamos’ Uncle Jesse from Full House, ya morons. I am, of course, referring to Uncle Jesse Duke, the character brought to life brilliantly by the legendary Denver Pyle in the much-beloved Dukes of Hazzard. Who would be dumb enough to compare Brock freaking Lesnar to some pretty boy from a terrible sitcom? Not I.

These photos come courtesy of Bloody Elbow and they were taken as Lesnar prepares to defend his title against Cain Velasquez at UFC 121 on October 23rd. And while I know little about MMA, even a UFC-watching neophyte can ascertain that Lesnar appears to be working himself into good shape for the bout.

To be honest, I’m digging the beard. It looks good on Lesnar, it makes him look even more intimidating, if it is even possible for that beast to appear even more frightening than usual. Let’s face facts: Lesnar is certifiably terrifying, although I am not sure terrifying is a characteristic which can be certifiable. I’m certainly no scientist, but if there were such a thing as a Periodic Table of Terror Elements, Lesnar would have an atomic number of 104, that being the terror element, Panicium. Myself, if ever faced with the disconcerting prospect of staring down Lesnar before a fight, I, of course, would be overwhelmed, causing Peemypantsium to begin running down my leg.

But enough with all this theoretical nerdy talk. The entire point here was to point out that Lesnar is a spitting image of Uncle Jesse, although at a younger age than he was during Dukes of Hazzard. Take a look see and tell me if you agree.

Look at the above photo of Lesnar, now compare it to the one below:

The resemblance is uncanny. They could be twins, man. You know, if they weren’t born 57 years apart and Pyle had not been dead for nearly 13 years now. But you can see it, right? Making their way, the only way they know how and so on and so forth.

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