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You Can’t Be In Manny Pacquiao’s Inner Circle Unless You Get The Same Tattoo

Sweet mercy, tattoo stories sure have been getting a lot of play in the sports world lately. First it was Chicago White Sox Tattoo Epic Fail, then it was Chris “Birdman” Andersen’s “Free Bird” tattoo, next it was the Braves fan who had the face of Bobby Cox inked into his thigh, now this story about how Manny Pacquiao insisted that members of his inner circle get the same tattoo as him, this one being his personal favorite, a comet tattoo on his forearm. That’s some serious peer pressure, man. If Pacquiao and his merry band of followers would have smoked some angel dust beforehand this story would have had all the makings of an ABC Afterschool Special.

Most of Pacquiao’s crew acquiesced and got inked, save for one man, Joe Ramos, one of Pacquiao’s managers, who even declined a $20,000 offer from the boxer to get the tattoo and was only let off the hook after his wife interceded on his behalf. What a candy ass. First refusing to get a tattoo and then having his wife take an active role in the refusal? Not good. My guess is Mr. Ramos has been bumped down a bit in the Pacquiao friendship hierarchy. As I often do, let’s put this in perspective via Diff’rent Strokes. In that scenario, by not getting the tattoo, Ramos would now be like Robbie Jayson to Pacquaio’s Arnold Jackson while everybody else would be getting the Dudley Ramsey treatment. Have no idea who in the hell  Robbie Jayson is? Exactly.

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