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Sweet Flag o’ Mine: Slash Performed Anthem Before Kings-Thrashers Game

What? Was Buckethead not available? Be that as it may, no word on whether he’s been dancin’ with Mr. Brownstone lately, but we can say for certain that Slash was on-hand last night at the Staples Center for the home opener of the Los Angeles Kings. Slash performed the national anthem on one of his trusty Les Paul guitars before the puck was dropped between the Kings and the Atlanta Thrashers, and did so admirably. Sure, not as good as Jimi Hendrix’s legendary performance of the Star-Spangled Banner at Woodstock, but was nonetheless a rousing performance. Hey, it sure as hell beats Justin Bieber or some other comparable no-talent hack bastardizing our nation’s anthem, right? I’ve had about enough of those travesties.

Video follows.

Not too shabby. And in case you’re wondering, Axl Rose also had a sweet gig last night: word on the street (literally) is Axl had staked out a prime corner and was seen performing “This Land Is Your Land” on a harmonica mere blocks from the Staples Center. Well, well, well, you never can tell.