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Some Wacko Broad Takes Drive Around Golf Course In Her Cadillac, Gets Arrested

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Susan Fishpaw, a 49-year-old unhinged woman from Bucyrus, Ohio wreaked havoc at the Crab Apple Ridge Golf Course near Erie, Pennsylvania yesterday as she took a joyride around the grounds, terrorizing golfers and crashing into golf carts. According to, Fishpaw was arrested and remains jailed in theĀ  Erie County Prison on $5,000 bond on a felony count of aggravated assault and misdemeanor counts of simple assault and recklessly endangering another person. Most interesting aspect of the story? Arresting officers do not suspect she was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Wha?

The crazy scene, lazily copied and pasted (I’m busy, dammit!):

Rusty Tracy said he chased down Fishpaw’s 1993 Cadillac DeVille with his tractor after she started driving into the heart of the golf course after turning off Route 19 at about 3:50 p.m. on Monday.

He said he caught up to the car and got Fishpaw to stop. He then tried to coax Fishpaw out of the car, telling her that he didn’t want to call the police but wanted her to get her car off the golf course.

“I thought she was drunk. Why else would she be on there?” he said.

He said Fishpaw then said something that he couldn’t understand before she put her car in gear and drove deeper into the golf course, nearly hitting a man and a woman who were playing the 14th hole.

“My son was on the golf course, and he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Then she hit his golf cart,” Tracy said. “So he went to get his pickup truck, and he went after her.”

Tracy said Fishpaw had driven over most of the golf course before Louis Tracy IV caught up with her. Fishpaw rammed Louis Tracy IV’s Ford F-150 and turned onto the golf course parking lot, where she smashed into some parked golf carts “at a good speed,” Rusty Tracy said.

Louis Tracy IV pulled behind Fishpaw’s car to prevent her from driving away. Fishpaw tried to escape by slamming her car repeatedly against the golf carts and the pickup, according to the affidavit of probable cause that state police filed with the charges.

Heh. Women drivers. They are just the worst.

Woman remains jailed, Summit Township golf course owner still perplexed over car incident []