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Minnesota T-Wolves Fans Who Buy 10-Game Flex Pack To Be Publicly Humiliated By Team

Great news for all the die-hard Timberwolves out there in Minnesota: if a person elects to spend some of their hard-earned money to buy a 10-game “Flex Pack,” the team will announce your devotion to the floundering franchise by announcing it to the world…at least the tiny corner of the world otherwise known as the area around Target Center in downtown Minneapolis.

That’s right, fans will have the honor (or indignity?) of being able to “see their name in lights” as illustrated above on a electronic billboard once a purchase of the highly-touted “Flex Pack,” which is a key component of the T-Wolves’ “Fan Development Program” which has been “designed to reward loyal fans with tremendous value and increased flexibility.” In an attempt to generate at least marginal interest in the team, fans can take part in “a new variable pricing plan for this season’s home schedule, ensuring that fans will get the most value for their investment and empowering them to customize their fan experience based on their schedule and their pocketbook.”

Sounds like a decent enough deal. Said Timberwolves President Chris Wright regarding the promotion (via

“Our fans are the centerpiece of everything we do, and this is our way of welcoming new fans to the pack and giving them an experience they won’t find anywhere else. Just as our team continues to develop on the court, we’re working to make our Fan Development Program one of the most aggressive in sports, and we’ll continue pushing the envelope to find new and innovative ways to meet our fans’ needs.”

A very original, grass-roots-based and innovative way of marketing a team. I suppose you have to give the Timberwolves credit for at least trying something different. But is publicly shaming them after they plunked down some dough for tickets the best idea? What if their friends/family/coworkers see the announcement on the billboard.  that Joe Schmo has nothing better to spend his money on than T-Wolves tickets. Talk about awkward. Even more awkward, though? If a fan purchases a 20-game Flex Pack, David Kahn will tell anyone you ask him to that you are a changed person and not smoking too much pot anymore. He’ll also ignorantly hammer on Chris Weber, too, but that’s free of charge.

Fans Can ‘See Their Names in Lights’ []