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Merchandise Fail: The 2011 Cavaliers Team Calendar Featuring LeBron James On Cover

Hoo boy. Yeah, I’m sure these bad boys are selling like hotcakes in Cleveland right about now. No? What gives?

A Wisconsin company, the incredibly ironically named Perfect Timing, Inc., printed these unfortunate calendars prior to James announcing his intentions to take his talents to Miami or whatever the hell he said and now, they are stuck with them, as are retailers in Cleveland, who have stated that no, they are not selling like hotcakes. Not even like rice cakes, for that matter.

Tina Facca, assistant professor of marketing at John Carroll University’s Boler School of Business (Boy, that sure is a mouthful. How would like to have to say that every time you introduce yourself at a faculty mixer? “Why yes, I am the assistant professor of marketing at John Carroll University’s Boler School of Business. Can’t you read my completely out-of-proportion, ginormous name tag?”) believes that the calendars might be attractive to collectors, only not in Cleveland. From (via Pro Basketball Talk):

“Some collectors may still want to revel in the team’s heyday,” she said. “Those products will still sell.”

Yeah, the team’s heyday. Does she mean the seasons when LeBron and the team dominated throughout the regular season only to flame out horribly in the postseason? Quite the heyday there, toots. You’re never going to get tenure at your ridiculously long-ass-named school bringing that kind of insight.

You know, on second thought, I suppose it could be considered their heyday. Crap, I’d have taken it. Then again, my local NBA squad is the Timberwolves and nothing more needs to be added regarding that hot mess of a franchise. KAHN!

LeBron James merchandise languishes in Cleveland area, but his brand sells elsewhere [ (via Pro Basketball Talk)]