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Despite Good Start, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Expect Every Home Game To Be Blacked Out

Despite an encouraging 3-1 start to the season, officials within the Buccaneers organization are expecting the remaining six home games on the schedule this season, including Sunday’s game against the New Orleans Saints, to be blacked out locally.

Bucs director of communications Jonathan Grella, indicating that the team is “understanding of the pace of ticket sales,” addressed the bad news for fans who will once again get shafted because of an archaic and ineffective policy instituted by the NFL (via Tampa Bay Online):

“We are expecting a blackout for this (the Saints game) and the remaining slate of home games. Obviously, it’s a challenge we’ve been facing for awhile now.”

Indeed they have, just like every other friggin’ team located in the professional sports team wasteland known as Florida. The Jaguars have been having problems for years with ticket sales, the Rays don’t draw even when they’re winning and does anybody in that damn state even realize they have two major league teams, because the Marlins might as well not even exist as far as their complete inability to pique the interest of the fickle fans in Florida is concerned. I’m not even sure Floridians were even notified that the Panthers play hockey in the NHL. And if the Heat didn’t have the Three Douchigos, there would be no way in hell they’d be selling out their arena this season.

Leaving the other moribund franchises in Florida out of the discussion and solely addressing the Bucs here, it’s absurd that they cannot sell out Raymond James Stadium, especially when the fact that team is on a relative upswing is taken into account. What with their fiery leader, um…Coachy McPlaybook, is that his name? Further, we mustn’t forget about the continued emergence of their quarterback…Handsoff Orthrowstheball? And how about the franchise’s ability to develop several young players, including…uh, Rookie Practicesquadguy? Well, whatever their names are, it’s hard to argue that the sky is the limit for these dudes for sure.

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