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The Meme Is Dead. Long Live The Meme. Ladies And Germs, The Cigar Guy Rap


Jay Busbee over at Devil Ball Golf is very much hoping that this latest entry into the pantheon of Cigar Guy Memesanity will be the final nail in the coffin, finally putting an end to the much ballyhooed (and perhaps a tad bit overplayed) craze. Uploaded by vlogger thesurfingviolinist, “Cigar Guy Rap Feat. Cigar Head-Wrap Man” is, well, it’s something. Let’s just leave it at that.

Video and lyrics follow.

Hello, my name is Cigar Head-Wrap Man 2X
That’s right! The world is lookin’ at me
Tiger biffs it, and I’m right in front for all to see
I’m like Waldo…hidin’ son.
Right before your eyes, or maybe under the gun
I hide in logs and in blogs
And in vlogs and sometimes grogs
Eatin’ tofu with Jim and Wade Boggs.
Is that a handkerchief?
Is that a turban?
People keep askin’ if I’m Pakistani
But I ain’t man
I’m a Sikh man,
At least I might be man,
Or maybe I’m Italian
I go to Barbershop with Waluigi
To trim our mustaches and eat some ziti

Hello, My name is Cigar Head-Wrap Man 2X

I beat Chuck Norris in races every day.
Me on a centaur and him on a plane
I’ve tied up fifty five walruses with one eye lash
Sold the world’s most interesting man for 5 dollars cash
The man your man could smell like gets his scent from me
A doo rag sweat and cigar smoke potpourri.

I must go…I’m sorry to say.
But keep your eyes open everyday.
I might be at the mall, I might be at the zoo.
I might be ridin’ across Alaska on a kangaroo

Goodbye, my name is Cigar Head-Wrap Man 3X

Hoo boy. Busbee was right, that was 100 seconds of my life I’ll never get back. Same goes for any of you out there who watched it, too. You’re welcome, I guess.

In which we attempt to kill the Cigar Guy craze dead [Devil Ball Golf]