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Potential New Meme Alert: Roger Federer Has No Friends

Jeez, the guy slips to number three in the ATP World Tour tennis ranking and all of a sudden he’s a goddamn pariah. The suddenly friendless Federer is seen here, alone with his thoughts, on Sunday night at the Swiss Pavillion during the Shanghai World Expo.

What did Roger do to deserve such shunning? It’s hard to say, it could be a multitude of things. Maybe he farted or something.

But here’s the prevailing question at hand: is Lonely Roger Federer meme-worthy? Does it have what it takes to capture the imagination of Photoshoppers all across Internetmemeland, much like Sad/Lonely/Hungry Keanu recently did? While I believe the above image certainly has potential – there are several ways of tackling this image and get amusing results, although exactly how and in what manner I’m not entirely sure. I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see. Have at it Photoshop Wizards.

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