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Bad Idea Tats: Braves Fan Gets A Bobby Cox Tattoo On His Thigh

Correct me if I’m wrong, but honoring your favorite baseball manager by getting his likeness tattooed on your thigh is most certainly a perfectly sensible thing to do. At least it must have appeared to be to one Andy Pruett, a 23-year-old apparently diehard Braves fan from Lawrenceville, Georgia. Knowing that Cox’s legendary career was coming to an end this season, Pruett spent $300 two months ago to get that tat. What say you, Andy? (Via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution):

“He’s the only manager I know. Nobody has ever spoken a bad word about him, other than being the coach of the team that went to the playoffs for 14 years straight. He’s a good guy,” said Pruett, who has a total of 13 tattoos.

“Some of my friends think I’m crazy,” he said, “but a few others absolutely love it.”

I hate to break it to you, Andy, but the few others who absolutely love it? They are so not your friends. They’re secretly mocking you behind your back due to the fact that you have an elderly man’s face inked onto your upper thigh. Andy even considers what it would be like to meet his managerial idol.

“Hopefully, I would just respectfully shake his hand and thank him for all the years of great baseball he’s allowed me to watch.”

And that’s when Andy would make the mistake of taking off his pants to show Bobby Cox how much the Braves manager has meant to him. Authorities are called, Andy spends a night in the clink, the whole ball of wax. Not good.

Excuse me, but is that Bobby Cox on your leg? [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]