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Wake N’ Blog: Apparently, You Cannot Legally Castrate Another Person’s Dog Without Permission

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• The Stutsman County sheriff’s office in Kensal, North Dakota arrested 55-year-old Kevin Gienger was arrested on suspicion of stolen property and mistreating animals after he allegedly castrated a woman’s poodle without her permission. Gienger stated that dog was a menace and disturbing the neighborhood. When he was arrested, the dog in question was found in his home along with scalpels and syringes. Perfectly reasonable response, right? No? [Yahoo!/AP]

• 49ers fans boo QB Alex Smith mercilessly, chant for David Carr. Crikey. [Larry Brown Sports]

• Boomer had boobs on his mind yesterday, which made it exactly like every other day in the Life of the Bermanator. [Awful Announcing]

• I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Cigar Guy’s identity was revealed over the weekend. [Devil Ball Golf]

• In light of this astounding and meme-killing news, here’s one last Cigar Guy Photoshop gallery. [Out of Bounds]

• Hard knocks, Lingerie Football League-style. [Bob’s Blitz]

• When onside kicks go wrong: Texas Tech/Baylor Edition. [Ted Williams Head]

• Celtics analyst Tommy Heinsohn really likes pizza. [That NBA Lottery Pick]

• After his horrific postseason, should Braves player Brooks Conrad be on suicide watch? [More Hardball]

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