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Keep The Tip: Hokie Offensive Lineman Loses Tip Of Finger During Game, Keeps Playing

Virginia Tech Hokies running back Ryan Williams (top) celebrates with teammate Greg Nosal (75) after scoring a touchdown during the second quarter against the Boise State Broncos in their NCAA football game in Landover, Maryland, September 6, 2010.  REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT FOOTBALL)

There’s taking one for the team and then there’s losing one for the team. Although since we’re referring to the story regarding Virginia Tech junior offensive guard Greg Nosal losing the tip of his finger during the heat of battle against Central Michigan on Saturday, perhaps “taking one for the team” is not the most apropos comparison. Awkward even. Unless one of his teammates was cramming for his Proctology 101 midterm, then I could see it. Heh. Cramming.

Where was I? Oh yeah, during some point of Virginia Tech’s 45-21 shellacking of Central Michigan, Nosal got his pinky finger crammed in between two helmets, severing it mid-nail. Hokies medical personnel found the shredded digit inside Nosal’s glove. Yamma hamma.

Despite the horrific injury, Nosal insisted he remain in the game. Either this guy is incredibly committed or he should be committed. Either way, he’s clearly slightly nuts and able to tolerate an astounding amount of pain.

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch (via Dr. Saturday):

Despite the horrific injury, Nosal wanted to go back into the game. The medical staff put a dressing and cast on the finger and gave Nosal some pain medicine.

As for the tip of his finger, it was wrapped in gauze and put on ice, to keep the tissue fresh, until the end of the third quarter, when trainers told Nosal he had to go back into the locker room and get the thing sewn on.

And that’s why Nosal was unable to attend postgame interviews – because he was getting his finger stitched back together.

Tech’s head trainer, Mike Goforth, believes Nosal will be fine. Or at least as fine as a guy can be after getting one of his digits partially lopped off.

Now that’s one tough-ass football player. I only wonder if Virginia Tech trainers, upon finding the lopped off tip of Nosal’s finger, stuffed it in a Cracker Jack box packed with ice.

(ding ding ding) – Seinfeld Reference of the Day #2.

Holy cow: I’m on fire today, kids. Look out.

Left guard Greg Nosal lost the tip of his pinky finger on Saturday … and kept playing [Richmond Times Dispatch (via Dr. Saturday)]