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Tattoo Fail: For Some Reason, Woman Wants White Sox Tattoo, Artist Inks It Backwards

While I must question the wisdom behind Eugenia “Gina” Bebis electing to get a White Sox tattoo on her thigh in June, I certainly do not begrudge her for filing a lawsuit against Mystic Tattoo Art & Body Piercing in Chicago Thursday due to the actions of the bumbling tattoo artist who emblazoned her flesh with the Sox logo, Micah St. John. After consulting with Bebis on the design, St. John inked the White Sox tattoo for her, only backwards. D’oh!

Seeking up to $50,000 in damages, the gist of Bebis’ lawsuit (from Chicago Business via Hardball Talk):

Ms. Bebis, 20, alleges in the complaint that she “has had to undergo extensive laser tattoo removal procedures, will require further procedures in the future and will also require a different, larger tattoo to cover up the laser-faded backwards tattoo at issue.”

“My client wants the shop to be accountable for what it did, given how obvious the mistake was to the person inking the tattoo,” Ms. Bebis’ lawyer, Daniel C. Fabbri, said in an e-mail. “She just wants this taken care of, and to be compensated for all that she has had to go through, especially the incredibly painful laser removal process.”

While $50k seems like an awful lot of dough, having to get a tattoo removed is a painful, arduous process. I can speak from experience. Currently, I am undergoing treatments to have my Minnesota Twins tattoo on my back removed via laser procedure. Don’t get me wrong: it’s nice and all and the tattoo artist did a magnificent job. The only problem is when October arrives, it mysteriously and disappointingly disappears after a couple of days, only to reappear again in April,  looking as good as new. It is certainly a weird (and incredibly maddening) phenomenon.

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