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Let Us Welcome Back The NHL With A Little Bit Of The Old On-Ice Ultraviolence

Um, yeah. You really don’t need any further illustration of how Flames winger Raitis Ivanans night went than the above photo which captures a moment during a fight between he and Oilers tough guy Steve MacIntyre late in the 3rd period of Edmonton’s 4-0 shellacking of Calgary.

You know what? On second thought, actually, you do need further illustration of the brutality. That’s why the video of MacIntyre’s gnarly¬† beatdown of Ivanans follows.

Yamma hamma. Said MacIntyre after the game regarding the fisticuffs (via

“Everybody is throwing to hit. We’re not throwing to play patty-cake,” Macintyre said. “You don’t want to see anybody get hurt, but by the same token you’re there for your teammates. You’re there to do a job.”

Indeed, MacIntyre was there to do a job, and the Oilers enforcer must have brought his ass-kicking lunch pail to the game, because as you can plainly see, Ivanans got knockeddafuggout after two particularly vicious right hands from his brutally puglistic opponent. So much so, in fact, that Ivanans sat dazed and confused on the ice for several minutes after MacIntyre dropped him like a bag a dirt.

Welcome back, hockey. It sure is nice having you around again.

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