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Jeanette ‘The Black Widow’ Lee And The Rest Of The Lovely Ladies Of ‘The Body Issue’

Hummina hummina. What I would give to shoot some Strip Pool with The Black Widow. I’d let her knock around my balls, if you know what I mean. Mainly because she’s a vastly superior pool player than I and she would probably beat me in a game of 9 Ball quite handily. Stop looking into stuff so much, pervs.

Lee’s appearance is a part of the “Bodies We Want” feature in the new “Body Issue” of ESPN the Magazine.

The rest of the athletically-gifted ladies follow, including the USA Women’s Water Polo team depicted in such a way it makes drowning not look like such a bad way to go.

The entire list of athletes featured in “Bodies We Want” (via ESPN Media Zone):

  • Amar’e Stoudemire (NBA)
  • Camilo Villegas (PGA)
  • Chris Santos & Evangelista Santos (MMA)
  • Diana Taurasi (WNBA)
  • Esther Vergeer (Wheelchair Tennis)
  • Evan Lysacek (Figure Skating)
  • Hanley Ramirez (MLB)
  • Herschel Walker (MMA)
  • Jeanette Lee (Billiards)
  • Jeff Farrell (Swimming)
  • Julia Mancuso (Ski Racing)
  • Kelly Slater (Surfing)
  • Kim Glass (Volleyball)
  • Patrick Willis (NFL)
  • Phillipa Raschker (Track & Field)
  • Rachel Yurkovich (Javelin)
  • Steven Holcomb (Bobsled)
  • Tim Howard (Soccer)
  • USA Women’s Water Polo Team

* Anne Belden (Attacker)
* Betsey Armstrong (Goalkeeper)
* Courtney Mathewson (Attacker)
* Elsie Windes (Defender)
* Emily Feher (Goalkeeper)
* Erika Figge (Attacker)
* Forel Davies (Attacker)
* Heather Petri (Attacker)
* Kelly Rulon (Attacker)
* Lauren Silver (Attacker)
* Lauren Wenger (Utility)
* Tanya Gandy (Attacker)

Many of the images from the “Bodies We Want” feature in the new “Body Issue” of ESPN the Magazine can be found here.

ESPN The Magazine Presents its Second Annual ‘Body Issue’ [ESPN Media Zone]