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Suck It, Snoopy And Goodyear: The Conan Blimp Holds Aerial Superiority Over Philly

Yeah, that’s right, blimps and their associated operators and corporate owners, you’re all on notice: the Conan blimp will hereby rule the friendly skies over the MLB Playoffs the entire month of October. It doesn’t matter whether the blimp in question has the image of a beloved comic strip character on its side or said blimp happens to be a time-honored symbol of a well-respected company, you have all been nevertheless warned. Please take heed, because while I’m not sure if the Conan blimp is in fact equipped with anti-blimp artillery, I wouldn’t put it past TBS. They know funny. The funny way in which shooting down enemy aircraft violating a heavily-armed blimp’s airspace can be amusing. With extreme prejudice, mind you.

Above is a photo documenting the moment the TBS Conan blimp touched down at the Northeast Philadelphia Airport as it makes its preparations to hover over Citizens Bank Park during the Reds-Phillies game this afternoon. You can track the Airship Conan’s travels to various locations (on the East Coast) of playoff games at its official site. will also be airing live video feeds during ballgames via webcam (although, at the time of this post, the blimp is napping).

Video of Airship Conan’s test flight follows.

Via Out of Bounds:

Excellent. Looks to be in tip-top shape and ready to patrol the skies.

On a side note, be sure to tune in to a commercial break or two during TBS’s coverage of the 2010 MLB Playoffs. If you watch long enough, you might just catch a promo or two pimping Conan’s new show on the network. I’m not guaranteeing that you will see a Conan-related commercial, but it’s well within the realm of possibility.

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