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One Of Herschel Walker’s Personalities OK’ed This Photo For ESPN’s ‘The Body Issue’

I only wonder which personality it was who gave the go-ahead to ESPN The Magazine to use this photo of the 48-year-old, former football star-turned-MMA fighter, sufferer from Multiple Personality Disorder. I bet it was Suzy Mae, the attention-seeking, promiscuous oil heiress. That little tart is always getting Herschel in trouble.

I know, I know. Making fun of someone’s mental health issues is never acceptable nor is it funny. Unless said person who has had issues with mental illness is photographed nude while appearing to be floating around amid the ether in the nether-regions of the universe. From my perspective, that makes it okay. To a certain extent. In a way, the photo is almost symbolic of Walker’s struggles with MPD. How? You tell me, Mr. Smarty Pants.

Herschel Walker joins ESPN The Magazine’s nude cavalcade [Star Tribune]