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Hey Jay Mariotti, If You’re Looking For Work, Shoot Me An E-Mail, I’ll Hook You Up

I know how sorry things must look right now, Jay Mariotti, without any legitimate employment after parting ways with both ESPN and AOL/Fanhouse, but I can assure you, things will get better. It’s always darkest before the dawn, as they say.

As you may have heard, Mariotti joined Twitter a few days ago and used it to announce that his professional relationships with the above-mentioned entities are no longer. While Mariotti is still getting the hang of Twitter and its 140-character limit – he had to use TwitLonger to articulate his thoughts completely in two separate tweets.  Below is how he reported the most recent developments in The Fall of the House Of Mariotti.

From yesterday evening:

Column writing has been a labor of love for 25 years, allowing me to see the world and cover some of the greatest athletes and events in sports. But it’s time to step back from the daily sportswriting grind and focus on my other media ventures, including a book project.

I express deep gratitude to AOL for a fun, productive experience. I wish the talented staff at nothing but the best in the competitive Internet world.

Ah yes, the “working on book project angle”: the last resort of the failed, aimless writer. But I understand, man, I really d0.

You see, Jay, here at the Sportress, we believe (well, I believe, as I’m the only one here – was I referring to the frog in my picket or something?) in second chances. I freely admit that I have had issues with your work, attitude and personality before – you only have to rudimentary look through the Sportress’ archives to come to that conclusion – I also believe that even the worse of we sinners can properly atone for their mistakes and in doing so, make past wrongs right again, so I’m willing to extend you an offer of employment. While it’s not lucrative by any stretch of the imagination, especially according to your lofty standards, it is a foot in the door by which, I hope, with a little bit of hard work and a positive attitude, will help you get back on your feet.

Here’s what I propose: I’ll take you on as a contributor here at the Sportress of Blogitude. It will be strictly on a probationary basis and I, of course, will have total and absolute editorial control over your final work product. I’ll even pay you $5 per post initially as you attempt to rehabilitate your tarnished image. Depending on how well your work is received, a higher rate of compensation can always be negotiated. I’m even willing to offer, free of charge, mind you, to help you upgrade your Twitter page so it does not look so abysmally plain and completely devoid of any personal flair or touches. Simply a gesture to show that I am willing to work with you as you attempt to resurrect your now-ruined career.

Give it some serious thought, Jay. There’s nowhere to go but up from here. And whatever you decide, shoot me an e-mail. Help me help you.

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