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Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid, But Rays Manager Joe Maddon Says ‘Real Men’ Do

Oh, the near-mystical hipster doofism (H/T to my pals at Walkoff Walk for that characterization) which emanates from the aura of Joe Maddon, the bespectacled, fashion-backward (the BRayser, anyone?) Tampa Bay Rays manager. He’s quite the hoot, don’t you agree? I reckon Maddon, in light of his, shall we say, unique personality traits and his apparent longing for trends, styles and other miscellaneous minutiae from bygone eras probably counts the little-seen Steve Martin vehicle from 1982 as one his favorite films.

In fact, if it be true, it would certainly follow right in line with his affinity for things which have long been out of style, such as his desire to have Rays fans show up wearing plaid this afternoon for today’s Game 1 of the ALDS against the Texas Rangers at Tropicana Field.

From the St. Petersburg Times (via Hardball Talk):

“Real men wear plaid,” Maddon said. “Come on out in your plaids — that would be awesome. To have this ballpark plaided out would be very cool.”

You heard your beloved skipper, Rays fans. Get your plaid on, kiddos. The power of the Tao of the Hipster Doofus compels you!

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