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Cigar Guy: Fought In WWII, Was At MLK, Jr.’s ‘I Have A Dream’ Speech, Also Member Of NWA

Yeah, I bet Cigar Guy and Eazy-E never saw eye-to-eye. Unless they were Photoshopped to appear staring at each other.

As I mentioned yesterday in my Ode to Cigar Guy post, this dude lived (and continues to live) life to the fullest, never ceasing to make his mark, yet never trying to be the center of the attention. It just happens that way for this still unknown, ambiguous man. Keep on rocking in the free world, Cigar Guy. At least until a few days from now, when this meme is cast aside in the trash heap of forgotten internet chicanery. I’m looking at you, Tay Zonday.

Note: Photoshops courtesy of Deadspin, who apparently received a treasure trove of Cigar Guy Photoshops from a Southern California high school teacher, who had his class work on them all day. Be sure to head over to DS to pore over the work being done in our country’s crumbling educational institutions. But hey, like I have always said, you might as well get your kicks while the s**thouse goes up in flames. Actually, Jim Morrison said that, who I assume would have been totally cool with Cigar Guy.