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Another Bizarre Steve Nash Video: FIFA Soccer 11, Microphone Wang & Manscaping

I got to hand to Steve Nash: the guy is a gifted comedic actor. His quick, semi-self-deprecating wit shines through and his timing is impeccable. And his most current star turn, this time promoting FIFA Soccer 11 (featuring Landon Donovan), hits the mark as well.

I could certainly see Nash parlaying these silly little internet videos into a full-fledged acting career once his time in the NBA is finished. Hey, it worked for Michael Jordan. I mean, Space Jam? Forget about it. MJ is like a goddamn Sir Laurence Olivier in that film. Can you imagine how difficult it must be to work with Looney Tunes characters?

Video follows.

While I wouldn’t put this on par with some of his outrageously hilarious Vitamin Water ads, nor my personal favorite, “Balls Talk”, this spot is nevertheless quite amusing and pretty well done, especially the probing, personal space-invading phallic-like microphone boom, and even more so, at the end when Nash says, “Since I’m out here in L.A., thought I might as well clean up shop a little bit.” Ouch. That’s going to leave a mark.

[H/T NESW Sports]