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Tiger Woods And Phil Mickelson Are The Best Ping Pong Pals Ever

Even though Rory McIlroy was “still drunk” this morning after tipping back a champion’s (or raging alcholoic’s) share of  “Jaegerbombs out of the Ryder cup” Monday night, he was still somehow able to upload a photo of the best frenemies in golf, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, putting their differences aside to team up in a quest to dominate a rousing match of ping pong.

According to McIlroy, there was great banter between the US and Euro Ryder Cup squads yesterday evening, which is nice that the fellas can put the competition aside and enjoy one another’s company after a hard-fought, if underwhelming, Ryder Cup. But to see Tiger and Phil on the same side of the ping pong table, taking on all challengers for table tennis supremacy, truly epitomizes what being part of a team is really about: competing hard in the interest of a common goal despite personal differences, and better yet, playing nicely afterward. Apparently, according to my optimistic, rose-colored glasses view of the relationship between Tiger and Phil, the winner of the Ryder Cup was evidently decided on Sesame Street. Which when you think about it is kind of weird, given that I don’t recall Sesame Street even having a championship golf course. Was it behind Hooper’s Store or something? Yeah, that’s probably where it was.

(image via @McIlroyRory)