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Joe Buck Thinks Use Of Randy Moss’ Fake Mooning In Campaign Ad Is A Disgusting Act

The NFL has requested that a television ad released statewide and produced for Wisconsin Democrat incumbent Russ Feingold’s reelection campaign be pulled as it uses four seconds of unauthorized footage of Randy Moss’ fake mooning of the Lambeau Field crowd during a 2004 playoff game between the Vikings and the Packers. In an e-mail to the AP, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello stated that the league “did not license the footage and have contacted the senator’s campaign about removing it.” Feingold’s camp has not yet responded so it unknown at this point if they are ready to comply with the supreme ruling of the National Football League. Big mistake. Does he have any idea the kind of organization he is messing around with here? The NFL is like the Mafia, only worse.

While I am sure the idea behind utilizing the Moss video was that it would play well with his Packers-loving constituents (incidentally, the Vikings whipped the Packers in that 2004 playoff game 31-14), in all likelihood, the political ad is likely and unfortunately not long for this world. The NFL routinely gets their way in matters such as these, so I hope the expense and time committed to creating the ad to run for one day was worth it.

Video follows.

Criticizing opponent Ron Johnson and corporate special interests, here’s the gist of what Feingold says in the ad (via the Journal-Sentinel):

“In pro football, they call this excessive celebration. And they punish it with fines and 15-yard penalties. It’s exactly the kind of behavior that corporate special interests and Ron Johnson are engaging in.

“They’re dancing in the end zone because they think they’re going to take down the U.S. senator who has been named the No. 1 enemy of Washington lobbyists. Fortunately, the game isn’t over yet.”

And the ad itself, in all its glory:

Ooh boy, how I love me some awkward, moronic football-speak in my political ads. It makes me feel like the one candidate is running hisĀ  hurry-up offense and his opponent has elected to go into prevent defense but coaches for both teams are throwing their red challenge flags but it doesn’t matter because all potential reviews are handled by the replay official in the booth after the two-minute warning.

Or something like that. FOOTBALL! YEAARGH!

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