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Can President Obama Dunk Over LeBron James? In New NBA Jam, Damn Right He Can

“Boom-Barack-Alacka!” No? Alright, how about “Slamma-jamma, Barack Obama!” Not liking that one either, huh? I see the Tea Party folks have gotten to you guys too, eh?

While I spend the evening honing my NBA Jam-esque Presidential references, amuse yourself with a photo gallery of screenshots from the new incarnation of everybody’s favorite physics-defying, two-on-two basketball game from their youth, NBA Jam, courtesy of USA Today (via Ball Don’t Lie).

One interesting. albeit head-scratch-causing new feature? The ability to unlock and play both distinguished (George W. Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden) and um, not-so-distinguished (Sarah Palin) politicians.  I have included images from the gallery which feature the politicians performing their nonpartisan versions of “Razzle Dazzle” below.

Count it!

First look: ‘NBA Jam’ [USA Today (via Ball Don’t Lie)]