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Mike Ditka Is Like, Super Smart And Insightful And Stuff

Before being mercifully removed from the game after sustaining a concussion, the defense of the New York Giants positively terrorized Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, sacking him nine times. During his appearance on Mike & Mike this morning (hey, that’s three Mikes, all at once! Radical!), Mike Ditka dropped some serious knowledge relating to why Cutler was put down on the turf so many times:

He held on to the ball too long. Whaaa?

Via ESPN Chicago:

“I don’t think anybody was open down field, because they had seven in coverage, but the quarterback has to get the ball out of his hands, too. He looked like he was not even aware of the pressure around him.

“That’s all part of football, the quarterback has to have that little clock in his head that says ‘I have to get rid of the football.’ Jay Cutler didn’t have it yesterday, that’s for sure. “

You see? It’s the keen insight regarding the intricacies and complexities of the great game of football which made Ditka a stellar player and coach in the NFL and now, a primo television analyst. Do you think ESPN just hands out jobs to analysts without doing their due diligence and making sure the guy has the chops to break down NFL film and then be able to tell it like it is in an articulate manner?

(looks at ESPN’s current roster of NFL analysts)

Okay. Well, maybe ESPN does just hand out those NFL analyst jobs. My mistake.

Mike Ditka: Jay Cutler needs work [ESPN Chicago]