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Finally, Nike Shoes With Image Of Michael Jackson Ogling Michael Jordan’s Junk

They told me it would never happen, but I remained patient. Despite being mocked on the basketball court for wearing a pair of parachute pants and my trusty penny loafers, I knew that one day in the future, I would own a pair of shoes which not only paid tribute to Michael Jackson, but would also serve me well on the court.

Well, today is a red letter day, my friends, as I have just learned that Nike has released several pairs of shoes honoring the late, great King of Pop for their Air Retro series, called Forever Michael Jackson, as well as the Michael Jackson Air Force One. T-shirts and better yet, Michael Jackson jeans are also available. Crazy stuff. Even crazier? For the life of me, I cannot come up with one decent child molestation joke regarding the shoes. I’m slipping, folks.

[H/T The Sporting Rave]