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‘Cigar Guy’ In Tiger Woods Ball Photo Becoming An Internet Photoshop Sensation

By now many of you have already seen the above stunning image captured by photographer Mark Pain at the Ryder Cup on Sunday after Tiger Woods duffed his shot right into the photographer’s camera lens. The strangest part? Tiger didn’t even bother to dispatch Stevie Williams to rough up the guy. Via The Mail:

The American world No 1 was partnering Steve Stricker and attempting to chip his third shot on the final hole of yesterday morning’s fourball against Europe’s Ian Poulter and Ross Fisher on to the green.

The man from The Mail on Sunday didn’t flinch, however, and captured this extraordinary picture just before the ball hit his camera, bounced on to his chest and came to rest at his feet.

Woods was furious about his blunder, but neither he nor caddie Steve Williams objected to Pain’s position.

While that is all very interesting and the photo in of itself is worthy of marveling at, something on the outer fringes of the photo is capturing the imagination of the interwebs:

Cigar Guy. You see him there, on the far right of the photo. In fact, after noticing him, it is nearly impossible to look at anything else.

Of course, the madcap photoshoppers among us have already jumped all over the photo and have been uploading their handiwork to the tubes. An absolutely fantastic one where everybody in the front row of the photo, as well as Tiger, morphs into having Cigar Guy’s face follows below.

Via Wei Under Par:

click for full size

That is nothing short of brilliant. Enjoy your time in the spotlight, Cigar Guy. It is sure to be a wild ride. Even for a man like him who I suspect knows a thing or two about wild rides. He lives life to the fullest, man. No question about it.

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