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Anyone Else Up For A Little Champagne Slip ‘N Slide?

Those Tampa Bay Rays! What a bunch of goofy little devils.

Courtesy of Big League Stew comes the above image of the Rays celebrating their AL East title by creating a makeshift Slip ‘N Slide utilizing the overabundance of champagne which was freely flowing in the clubhouse. While I cannot condone wasting good booze in such a manner, I nevertheless have to give the Rays credit for their creativity.

And if you think this is the first time somebody has used mood-altering substances to improve upon a classic children’s activity to make it more adult-friendly, you have most certainly never played Vodka Water Balloon Wars. Now that’s a drunken, fall-on-your-ass, trip-to-the-emergency-room hoot.

Photo: Victorious Rays build champagne slip-n-slide [Big League Stew]