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Paddy Harrington: Affirming The Stereotype That The Irish Are Lazy Layabouts

These photos of the multiple major winning Irish golfer come courtesy of his Ryder Cup teammate Ian Poultier and it depicts Harrington sneaking in a snooze while outside, Celtic Manor was washing away under a deluge of rain which has temporarily halted play.

To be fair, what else is Paddy to do other than make the most of the delay but relax in the changing room? Drink? As a man of Irish heritage myself, I am thankful that there isn’t an empty bottle of Jameson 18-Year-Old Limited Reserve tipped over beside Harrington. Not due to any concern that it would affirm yet another negative stereotype about the Irish, but simply because it would make me jealous and thirsty for drink. Hey, it’s 10 o’clock in the morning somewhere, amirite? If you’re Irish and you ain’t drinking, you better be sleeping one off. Not that I’m insinuating that’s what Paddy is doing here. Jesus, enough with all of your anti-Irish attitudes, people! It’s no wonder why we drink!

Europe leads early as heavy rains halt Ryder Cup [AP]
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