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Jeff Garcia Vs. Daunte Culpepper In The Biggest UFL Game In The History Of Forever!

Passion! Excitement! Intensity! Omaha!

Fasten your seatbelts and lock up the kids and wife in the “time out kennel,” because come Saturday night, you are not going to want to miss one second of the epic matchup between Jeff Garcia’s Omaha Nighthawks and Daunte Culpepper’s Sacramento Moutnain Lions. This grudge match will no doubt eclipse the previous most important game in the UFL’s storied history…the, um, one game where those one guys played and that team from that one town beat the other guys and stuff.

Which team is going to win? Who wants it more? Is it even on TV? These are just the start of the questions surrounding what I am referring to as the “Ugh Bowl.” And if you think that Garcia is simply an NFL has-been who is playing in this upstart league solely for the love of the game and nothing else, well, you’re right. And you know what? That’s what he digs about it and the players he calls “teammates” – primarily because he hasn’t bothered to learn any of their names – have they played in the NFL or dismissively told their Playboy playmate wife, “Not now, honey. I’m watching LOGO. I tell ya what, Carmella, we can spoon later, but I’m in front!” Well, have they? Doubt it.

Via USA Today:

“But I also really believe everybody’s here because they love to play the game, ” he says. “And if it leads to another opportunity down the road, that’s a great success story. But if they wind up finishing their careers here, well, at least they had a chance to continue playing the game and hopefully have fun doing it.

“But right now,” he says, “I’m just having a lot of fun being back out there and doing my thing on the football field. And I’m as sincere as I can be about that, I really am.”

Sure, Garcia is willing to admit to being as sincere as he can be about his current stint in the UFL, but he doesn’t say how sincere he is about it. I bet Culpepper, if asked, would have something far more profound to say about the upcoming tilt pitting one storied UFL franchise against another. Sadly, no one bothered to ask him. But he’s getting used to that.

I don’t know about you, but the more I think about it, the more pumped up I am getting about the Ugh Bowl. LET’S DO THIS!

Note: sarcasm and good-natured ribbing aside, for those interested, the game will be broadcast live on HDNet. Yes, that a real channel. Mark Cuban owns it – or once owned it, I think – so you know it’s good.

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