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I Must Flaccidly Report That Ines Sainz Has Turned Down An Offer To Appear In Playboy

According to a tweet by everybody’s favorite serious journalist who just so happens to be smoking hot but that shouldn’t make a difference unless it gets her more attention thereby increasing her opportunities to become an even more serious-er journalist (I imagine this is how she would explain it), Ines Sainz has regrettably rejected an offer from Playboy to appear in the magazine.

Her tweet announcing her decision, um, tweeted about two hours ago:

Yo en playboy? Jamas! De ninguna manera! No va con mis principios! Por mas 0000000 que tenga la oferta nisiquiera la tomo en cuenta!

Which, when translated, courtesy of Babel Fish, reads:

I in playboy? Never! Of no way! It does not go with my principles! By but 0000000 that has the nisiquiera supply the take into account!

Man, her Spanish is terrible. First, it’s “me in Playboy,” not I. Get it right, you ditzy dame. And to clear up the latter parts of the tweet, nisiquiera should actually read ni siquiera, which of course means “not even.” Obviously, that likely had something to do with the 140 character limit. Maybe she should have used a few less zeroes or something.

(re-reads last part with correction)

“By but 0000000 that has the not even the supply the take into account!” What the fungus? This lady doesn’t know what she’s talking about. And yes, I believe that Babel Fish is infallible. Don’t you?

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