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Video: Why Drop A Baby To Catch A Ball When You Can Hold On To Both?

Babies interfering with a man’s efforts to retrieve a ball batted into the stands is turning into a nationwide epidemic. Either we ban babies from the ballpark or if that is considered discriminatory, anyone entering the stadium should be given one “Get Out Of Jail For Dropping A Baby Over The Railing Free” card. Catching a baseball at a game is a dream of every emotionally-stunted man and should not be denied, regardless of whether or not his mommy isn’t doing her job and caring for the damn kid. Where is she anyway? Probably eating Bonbons and watching her soaps, the lousy layabout. Why yes, all my attitudes regarding parenting are from the year 1955, do you have a problem with that?

All I’m saying is imagine if this guy, who was taking in the Indians-Tigers game yesterday, had a beer in his hand, too? What then? No, this doesn’t jibe with me. No sense of jibing here.

[H/T The Cleveland Scene (via Hardball Talk)]