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‘Solitary Man’ Tiger Woods Puts On Brave Face And Attends Concert, I Wonder Why…

It must be tough for Tiger Woods right now. With all the galas, public appearances and the like filling up the competitors’ time during the buildup to the Ryder Cup, there Tiger is, all alone, while many of his teammates have the privilege of enjoying a constant source of companionship and comfort courtesy of their wives or girlfriends. If he hasn’t been feeling lonely since his divorce from Elin, he is most assuredly getting a sense of his solitude now.

But there he was last night at the Welcome to Wales concert, acting as if nothing was wrong and simply putting on the appearances that he is having a swell time.

Gigwise has the details:

The special celebration gig at the Millennium Stadium took place ahead of this weekend’s Ryder Cup.

Katherine Jenkins, Catherine Zeta Jones and opera singers Only Men Aloud also performed, while HRH Prince of Wales oversaw the ceremony.

Golfers from Europe and America, including Tiger Woods, were also in attendance. The three-day tournament gets under way on Friday (October 1).

But why? While I imagine Ryder Cup captain Corey Pavin strongly encourages his players to be in attendance at an event such as this, I suspect that Tiger could have made a brief appearance and quietly sneaked out a side door, back to his hotel room and his seemingly stifling loneliness. I mean who are these performers anyway? Lostprophets? Only Men Aloud? Katherine Jenkins? Never heard of them.

I wonder what prompted him to stick around…

Ohhh, so that’s Katherine Jenkins. Gotcha.

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