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Joe Morgan: Consistently Consistent When Discussing Consistent Criticism Of Him

Just a week after the mad genius creators behind Fire Joe Morgan dazzled us all with their humor and sardonic wit during their re-reunion on Deadspin, Michael Rand of the consistently consistent Randball hit the mother lode when he landed an interview with the man himself, Joe Morgan: Hall of Famer, a broadcaster of some renown for ESPN and star of stage and screen (Joe Morgan was in Cannonball Run II and its off-broadway musical where he reprised the role of Morris Fenderbaum, originally played by Sammy Davis, Jr., right?). No?

Either way, Rand seized the opportunity and asked Morgan what we all have often wondered: what does he think about the site lambasting media mongrels that just so happens to be named after him? While not answering the question posed to him whatsoever, here’s what Morgan had to say:

RandBall: Anyone in the broadcast spotlight has his or her share of detractors. I know there was even a web site, for a while, called Do you pay attention to such things, and how do you handle criticism?

Joe Morgan: You make a great point. Nobody is perfect for every listener. You’re going to have people who like you and who don’t like you. I think, as the whole thing goes along, that I’m true to what I believe. I broadcast the game the way I see it. There are going to be some people who like me and those who don’t. I did a Yankees-Boston series a few years ago, and the Yankees fans said I was pulling for Boston and the Boston fans said I was pulling for the Yankees. To me, that meant I was doing my job. … I don’t think anybody who has been in this business as long as I have doesn’t have critics, but I don’t think anybody in this business this long doesn’t have any support. I’m very open to constructive criticism in a broadcast booth or any other situation I’m in. Nobody is right 100 percent of the time. I would rather have constructive criticism, obviously. But I don’t really read a lot (of the criticism), if that’s what you’re saying. I think I’ve always been a guy who wanted to get better. I won two Emmy Awards, but that doesn’t make me perfect. I won two MVP awards, but it didn’t make me perfect.

Joe Morgan has won two Emmys, dammit! You know what? I heard he drives a Dodge Stratus, too. A used one, though. The previous owner? Dave Concepción, of course.

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