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In Wales For Ryder Cup, Bruce Willis Goes Out To Dinner, Apparently Gets An Erection

At least that’s how the South Wales Argus is reporting it. That’s some in-depth reporting right there, perhaps a little too in-depth. Did an intrepid reporter get under the table for some investigative reporting or was the man who portrayed one of the greatest characters in cinematic history, Hudson Hawk, just strutting around the eatery like he was the cock of the walk?

I mean, Dine Hard? Not a bad way to eat, but I don’t think it has much to do with proper dining etiquette. Yeah, that’s a riff off a Gallagher joke from 1984, what of it? And no, I have never heard of this John McClane fellow. Is he a golfer? Why do you ask?

Anyway, whatever sicky shenanigans Willis was trying to pull here, I imagine the Welsh didn’t appreciate it much. A very prim and proper people, the Welsh. Although I am sure President Clinton got a kick out of it.

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