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Alex Ovechkin’s Floating Head In A Locker? Alex Ovechkin’s Floating Head In A Locker


Courtesy of The Globe & Mail by way of Puck Daddy comes a sneak peek at Alexander Ovechkin’s brand new commercial for the CCM U+ Crazy Light hockey skate which features Alexander Ovechkin’s disembodied head in a kid’s locker. It’s amusing and slightly terrifying all at the same time. Kind of like what I imagine it would be like hanging out with the Unfrozen Caveman Hockey Player in a Russian nightclub.

Via The Globe & Mail:

“We wanted something that really stood out from the clutter and wasn’t traditional,” Martin said. “We also have a hockey player who plays the game in a non-traditional way. He connects with hockey consumers. It’s the perfect fit for us to step out of a traditional hockey campaign and try to do something more exciting and more in tune with younger consumers.

“We wanted to bring an element of fun to this,” Martin said. “At the end of the day, hockey is a game. If we take it too seriously it might become boring, so we’re trying something exciting.”

You can see the amusing ad here. Outtakes from the commercial shoot (via The Washington Post) follow below.

And yet, the NHL still insists on hitching its marketing wagon to that petulant little bastard Sidney Crosby. Makes no sense.

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