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Tampa Bay Rays Organization Making Fans Jump Through Hoops For Playoff Tickets

After an embarrassingly paltry 12,446 fans showed up at Tropicana Field for a potential postseason-clinching game just days ago, something which the team attempted to make amends for to their dispassionate fan base by offering up 20,000 free tickets to Wednesday night’s game, the Rays organization has figured out a new way to kick their already placid fans in the teeth. In their infinite wisdom, the Rays organization has come up with something called the “Rays Playoff Access Club,” a scam which requires fans who want to purchase tickets for playoff games to pay $100 to gain membership to said club. Once a person is accepted into this exclusive club (no word on any bizarre hazing rituals), they will be able to procure one playoff ticket before they become available to the disinterested general public. What a deal.

Jesus. If there is a more schizophrenic way of going about getting fans pumped up about the postseason, I sure as hell would like to see it.

In a press release announcing the lamest way to suck money out of fans since personal seat licenses, Rays senior vice president Mark Fernandez said (via TBO):

“Becoming a season ticket holder will always provide the best opportunities and the best benefits for postseason tickets, but we are pleased to provide another option for fans who would like to have the opportunity to purchase postseason tickets.”

Season tickets? Do you mean there are still Rays season ticket packages available for next season? The Rays should let people know about it!

What’s included in a membership once $100 is plunked down:

Membership also includes a Rays’ sports cooler and membership card that can get discounts toward 2011 single-game ticket purchases. Memberships will be capped at 2,500. The team began selling them at 9 a.m. today on the team’s website,

Oh, a sports cooler is included? Well then, sign me up, man. And I don’t even live in Tampa, nor am I planning on attending any games in their crappy stadium. I’m sorry, cowbells have never done anything for me – except make me want to puncture my eardrums with a letter opener.

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