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Sweet Fancy Moses! Twins Rookie Danny Valencia Forced To Wear Borat Swimsuit

Dear. Lord.

Courtesy (or discourtesy, as the case may be) of Twins reliever Pat Neshek’s blog, the aptly-named On The Road With Pat Neshek (via Randball), comes this photo of the Twins rookies and the outfits they had to wear for the customary Rookie Dress-Up Day. Third baseman Danny Valencia’s entry into the fray (albeit a long shot) for AL Rookie of the Year consideration (.317, 7HR, 40 RBI in 80 games) must have made him a prime target for extreme ridicule by Twins veterans, evidenced by the getup he had to suffer the indignity of wearing: Borat’s infamous nutslinger swimsuit. At least fellow rookie Trevor Plouffe escaped somewhat on the Sacha Baron Cohen front and only had to wear the Bruno getup.

Thankfully, Mr. Neshek had the good sense to preserve at least a modicum of Valencia’s dignity by placing a state of Minnesota emblem over Valencia’s man parts. No one needs to see that kind of nonsense, right? By the way, more photos of the Twins rookies and their ridiculous outfits can be found on Neshek’s blog.

Rookie Dress Up Day [On The Road With Pat Neshek]