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Marilyn Manson Is Still Obsessed With Kenny Powers

Oh, Brian Hugh Warner, you cad!

Now that Mr. Marilyn Manson doesn’t have his on-again-off-again engagement with the lovely and talented (and nearly half his age) Evan Rachel Wood to occupy his time, the Antichrist Superstar has turned his attention to and is now clearly obsessed with Kenny Powers and the brilliant HBO series, Eastbound & Down. You might recall earlier this month when a photo surfaced of Manson decked out in full-on Kenny Powers-esque awesomeness. Now we have a photo of him shopping at an L.A. mall rocking a baseball cap featuring Powers’ catchphrase from his hilarious K-Swiss endorsement campaign.

It’s hard to believe that Mr. Shock Rocker is 41-years-old now. Where has the time gone?

/puts on Portrait of an American Family
//listens to “Cake & Sodomy”
///now kinda creeped out, wonders what the hell I was thinking back then

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